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In 1994, David Brown, CFP ®, ChFC ® co-founded Gold Coast Services with business partner David Meyers. The company was founded at the time when the Long Term Care industry was beginning to expand as people began to realize that they had a greater life expectancy, and the expense of long term care would be too great to sustain. The goal of the company was to assist clients with Long Term Care insurance as well as offer retirement and financial planning to ensure a comfortable and affordable lifestyle. 

In 1997, the partners formed Spectrum LTC Marketing to service expanding markets in other parts of the United States. The goal was to share with other professionals, what was learned in south Florida. 

In 2001, as the long term care industry matured, the partners recognized that the company needed an even more comprehensive approach; a comfortable lifestyle was more than an insurance policy. 

As the company expanded, in 2007, it became evident that a new corporation identity had evolved. With the many services being provided, the company had become a "spectrum" of services under one roof. Spectrum Planning Group was launched, offering a holistic method of financial planning, asset management, long term care insurance and a separate affiliated partnership in mortgage planning. 

A few years later, Spectrum P & C Group was founded in an effort to assist clients in balancing the cost of coverage and protection, to insure their property. The mission of Spectrum  P & C Group was to recommend the most appropriate coverage for their assets and exposure to liability. 

As Spectrum Planning Group continues to grow, the partners and all team members remain committed to operating with the highest standards of integrity, dedication and objectivity.  The group has earned an outstanding reputation by putting the needs of their clients first.


to our clients


Our goal is to have you and your family clients for life.  We work diligently to provide you with professional advice and insight to improve your long term financial success. We know we must continuously provide value to the relationship you have with us. Our experience, the solutions we offer, and most importantly, our desire to communicate with your family and other advisors, can reduce the stress that can come with the various transitions in life.

Spectrum Planning Group Retirement Plannin in Boco Raton Florida



Defining your vision | developing your plan | tracking our progress 

In addition, we have established strategic alliances with other professionals including CPAs and Attorneys. This collaborative approach allows us to pool our talents in the areas of portfolio management, estate/gift planning and related tax strategies, while maintaining an independent posture to provide the best solutions to serve our clients.

Spectrum Planning Group is dedicated to assisting our clients achieve their own specific financial goals with respect to the accumulation, growth, preservation and distribution of their wealth. Whether your planning process centers on the resolution of a few issues or a comprehensive financial planning analysis and the creation of a complete financial plan, you can be assured that your engagement will receive dedicated and professional handling.

Spectrum Planning Group partners with Kovack Securities, Inc., and Kovack Advisors Inc. one of the preeminent independent  broker/dealers and RIAs in the United States. This alliance ensures that clients receive a wide variety of investment choices to compliment their goals.  It also helps the company best serve clients in a seamless and efficient manner by providing back office, investment, and technology support.

Spectrum Planning Group Retirement Plannin in Boco Raton Florida
Spectrum Planning Group Retirement Plannin in Boco Raton Florida

Spectrum Planning Group is a financial planning practice that focuses on providing personal retirement and investment advisory services to individuals, families and small businesses. Our sister companies, LTC Spectrum, Inc. and Spectrum P&C Group provide insurance planning focusing on Long Term Care, and Property and Casualty Insurance.

Spectrum Planning Group is committed to helping our clients meet their financial needs by providing independent financial advice, personalized service and tailored solutions to enhance our clients' portfolios.

Advisors at Spectrum Planning Group draw upon the expertise of product specialists in investments, planning, and retirement services to develop and execute an investment strategy designed to follow each client's unique objectives.

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